Summer Camp

Sault Theatre Workshop is proud to bring Summer Camps to the Sault this year!

We are offering 2 Sessions. Session 1- July 2 to July 12. Weekdays from 9 am to 4pm, the final performance will be held on Friday, July 12/2019 at 7pm

Session 2 – August 5/2019 to August 16/2019, Weekdays from 9am to 4pm. Final performance on Friday August 16/2019 at 7pm

Skills you will learn

Basics of Acting

What it means to be an actor. How you can perform from an authentic place. How to build a character and what are the tactics and objectives.

Voice Techniques

Learning how to project and finding your authentic voice. Warm-ups and how to prepare for a performance

Movement Exercises

Animal work ( creating a character based off of the characteristics of a chosen animal) Learning how to ground yourself. Games to get the energy flowing!

Stage Combat

Basic punching and kicking techniques. Safety while performing combat scenes. Combining acting and combat in scenes.

Putting on a Show

You will be cast in a one act show that will be performed at the Theatre. Everyone gets a part in the show that is suited to their skills. Scenes will be rehearsed and blocked. Student interested in Sounds, lighting, costume design or set design will have the opportunity to take part in that area of the production. A great opportunity for those who are new and interested in the Theatre. Students will understand the importance of teamwork and what it is to put on a show.

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